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About the company

Although we have just started our business but most of our team members’ experience in the field of heavy machinery – sales, service and maintanance, also supplying of spare parts of new or used trucks, vans, city buses and coaches – is already more than 20 years.  So we can say that our knowledge of heavy machinery is very high.

We know the suppliers throughout Europe, so we can compare their products in the mean of quality and price.  Also we have experience in solutions of the financial issues when purchasing the heavy machinery.

All this accumulated knowledge and experience let us you to offer the most attractive and successful decisions in the acquisition and maintenance of both new and used heavy machinery.

Our goal is to be the most professional team helping our customers to find the best and most appropriate technical solutions for their business  both solving financial issues of the acquisition of heavy machinery, and later in the maintenance and repair of it.

We firmly believe that only together we can find the best solutions.

  • Dautel
  • FFB Feldbinger
  • Hyva
  • KH-Kipper
  • Zaslaw
  • DOLL